Mr. Jaxson started school again on Wednesday. It’s his last year of preschool, and it was kind of hard to transition him back in after the summer. Last year he took the bus which surprisingly he had no issues doing that. I think it gave him more of a steady routine (routine is so important for special needs kids), he looked forward to getting on the bus every morning- he knew where he was going and what was happening from the get go. But, this year I’m driving him and dropping him off and he’s not sure what to think. Yesterday he cried, so I walked in the classroom with him & he told me to sit. I talked to him a little bit and told him he was at school and to play with his friends and mama would be back to pick him up. He still wasn’t having it so after a few minutes I left him with a teacher and walked out knowing a couple minutes after I was gone he would be completely fine- and he was. Yesterday (his second day) as soon as he saw the teachers he cried but I didn’t walk all the way back with him- again I have no doubt that he was fine once they got in the classroom. It’s just going to take some time to adjust to his new routine, but I know he’s so excited to be back and make new friends. I’m also really happy that despite him not going to extended school year, he did not regress one bit- instead he progressed a lot! I’m confident that by the end of this year he will be ready for kindergarten!
When I was on my way to pick him up from school yesterday, I got a call from his transplant coordinator (let me just say, I have a mini heart attack whenever I see the area code 412 pop up on my phone- I never know if it’ll be The Call). So I stared at it for a couple seconds, took a deep breath and answered. It was his transplant coordinator just reminding me that he is due for a follow up appointment in October and to schedule it. So Jaxson and I will be off on our yearly weekend getaway on October 24th. Anyway, we got to talking about where he is on the list and she told me that he is no longer a status one, (from my understanding that means critical). He was only a status one during the time he has his GI bleeds. Since he is no longer listed as a status one, he will receive priority through his PELD (pediatric end stage liver disease) score. PELD scores go from 6 (less ill) to 40 (severely ill). His PELD score is 22. He is also at the top of the list for the A blood types listed at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and while that is good news, there’s still no exact answer as to when his transplant will happen. They are in competition with other centers in their region and we just never know when they will get an offer that exactly matches him. So for now we will keep waiting….. đź’š
As always, thank you for taking the time to read this and continuing to stay up to date on my little warriors journey. 


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