I’ve been wanting to post an update, but it’s been kind of busy around here with school ending, moving, and some appointments. Nothing too crazy, though. (Which is how we like it.) So, back in February Jaxson saw an orthopedic surgeon to assess the way his legs turn out when he walks. That doctor immediately referred us to a neurologist because he wanted to make sure it wasn’t a neurological problem related to Jaxson’s prematurity & developmental delays. The neurologist ordered an MRI & an EEG. The MRI was done under general anesthesia, it took about an hour and the results showed volume loss- which is commonly seen in premature babies and doesn’t normally affect anything but it explains his developmental delays, it showed no bleeds, no structural abnormalities and everything looked good. It did show his sinuses were inflamed due to a recent sinus infection & his primary care physician ordered oral antibiotics. (Wish me luck y’all- this kid fights oral meds like crazy). I went to pick up the antibiotics tonight & apparently coverage stopped May 31st- but he has been receiving IV infusion meds weekly with no problem? I was a little irritated. Anyway,  his EEG was done about a week after the MRI and he was suppose to be sleep deprived, which he was, but whenever he is in a hospital setting he isn’t going back to sleep unless he’s super tired- so they had to use a sedative for that. Even with a sedative, he fought going to sleep- it took about 45 minutes for him to be fully asleep and the EEG itself only took about 20 minutes to complete. That also came back normal. We follow up with the neurologist in July, so I won’t know until then what happens next. Since his leg still bows out a little when he walks, I assume we will also follow up with the orthopedic surgeon to see how to correct it. I’m hoping it doesn’t require anything too excessive to fix, because this kid has already been through enough. It may even resolve on it’s own- we will see.

jaxson eeg.jpg

Aside from that, there really isn’t anything else to update on. As I keep saying, Jaxson has been doing exceptionally well & though he still has some obvious battles ahead, he continues to thrive daily. We’ve been working on his speech and language quite frequently and he really has come a long way in such a short amount of time. Thank you everyone for the continued support.💚


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