Jaxson’s story is finally on the website “Liveonaz.org”. You can read his story and register to be a donor in his honor. All you need to do is click the yellow heart (💛) and fill out the form. click here to read the story & register. If you think you’re a donor but aren’t sure, there’s no harm in registering again!

The following info is from https://www.donatelife.net/faq/:

  • Someone is added to the transplant waiting list every 10 minutes.
  • 8,000 deaths occur every year because organs are not donated in time.
  • 118,000 men, women, and children are awaiting a lifesaving organ transplant.
  • 95% of Americans are in favor of being a donor, but only 54% are registered.
  • People of all ages & medical histories should consider themselves potential donors.
  • All major religions support organ, eye & tissue donation as a final act of compassion & generosity.
  • An open casket funeral is still possible; the body is treated with care and respect.
  • Registering as a donor does not affect your patient care. The doctors trying to save your life are separate from the doctors who remove your organs. Organ donation isn’t even talked about until death is declared.

If you’re still not sure if you want to become an organ donor, I encourage you to research it more, talk to people, and read the stories; it’s one of the most amazing, and selfless things you can do. It’s heartbreaking to me knowing that in order for my child to live a more normal life, a child has to lose theirs. But i’m always incredibly thankful when I stories of parents choosing to donate their child’s organs. Knowing that we have the opportunity to give someone the gift of life is phenomenal.



 Normally I would do an update, but nothing has changed since I last posted. He’s currently getting over a little bug, but thankfully it didn’t require a hospital visit. He’s still learning more words and is continuing to talk more and more every day. We’re getting ready to spend our weekend up north, we’re looking forward to getting out of the city and enjoying cooler weather. 🙂

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers & support. ❤️


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