Back in September after Jaxsons story was featured in the newspaper, I was contacted by a reporter at a local news station to be interviewed and tell his story again. That story finally aired yesterday, and you can watch it by clicking the following link: Jaxsons news story Organ donation is still a touchy subject with some people, but if our story convinces just one person to become a donor, then i’m happy. It’s the most selfless decision I think you could ever make.

15672713_10210658568313711_6034873303231011198_nJaxson was discharged from the hospital Wednesday December 23rd has been doing well. He was sent home on IV antibiotics for the line infection, he gets his last dose tonight. Tomorrow we will start the ethanol lock in his broviac to help decrease the chances of another line infection. He will have an appointment with hematology to follow up on his anemia. We had a good Christmas and enjoyed spending time with family.

Jaxsons transplant fund:



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