Jaxsons bi weekly lab results showed anemia yet again on November 22nd, I got the dreaded call that he needed to be admitted; 2 days before thanksgiving, I was sad and stressed. I asked if he could get transfused outpatient and the nurse told me in any other situation, yes but since this is happening consistently he needed to be admitted so they could figure out why. It was going to be a direct admit, meaning we’d skip the ER and be directly admitted to a room. So I started packing a bag while he was at school and waited for the hospital to call me to tell me a room was ready. About an hour later, the nurse from the GI office called and said she talked to the hospitalist (the doctor working the floor at the hospital) and he said since he wasn’t critically low- his hemoglobin was 7.7, and so he didn’t need to be admitted, we could make an appointment with hematology for the following week. So, that appointment was today and his hemoglobin dropped a little bit, down to 7.3 but still not critical. They drew blood to test for any deficiencies and to do some tests to see if they can figure out why this is happening so frequently. We also found out that his iron is really high so we will stop adding that to his TPN 2x a week. The hematologist said high iron could be from all of his transfusions. So we will find out Friday the results of these tests and if everything looks fine, worst case scenario he will have look at his bone marrow.  Typically, when someone is anemic there are tell tale signs; lethargy being a big one, fever, blood loss, etc. and Jaxson shows none of these signs. The hematologist said sometimes, when this happens frequently the body can get use to it and he thinks that’s why Jaxson seems “normal” even though he’s not. Since the multiple transfusions are possibly causing iron to build up in his body, and the fact that his body doesn’t seem to be in stress from being anemic right now, he wants to hold off on a blood transfusion as long as possible and even when he needs one, it can be done outpatient at the clinic. So right now it’s just a waiting game until we get some results on Friday. 

We had a good thanksgiving, spending most of the weekend with family. My grandma flew in from Oregon and my aunt flew in from California and surprised us all. It was a busy weekend but well worth the time spent with our loved ones. ❤️

Jaxsons transplant fund:



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