The blood culture drawn in the ER came back positive for infection yesterday morning. It’s a gram negative bacteria called klebsiella. These bacteria are typically found in the intestines (even healthy ones) but do not cause infections unless they get in the bloodstream- so short gut kiddo + klebsiella bacteria + central line= infection. Last infection of this nature was in February and was treated with the antibiotic ceftriaxone which is administered through his central line once a day. Ceftriaxone is pretty hard on the liver so the doctor changed it to cefapime which is given every 6 hours. She is going to get in touch with the infectious disease doctor and see if that antibiotic is okay to keep using. They drew a blood culture yesterday and that too is still showing positive. We need a negative to be able to go home with antibiotics. So the nurse will draw another culture today and will see if it’s negative tomorrow. Since the bacteria made its way to his central line, if we keep getting positive blood cultures despite the fact that he’s getting antibiotics, the line will have to be pulled and a new one will be placed a day or so later. A negative blood culture means the antibiotics are working to clear the line of infection. So, hopefully tomorrow’s blood culture shows negative because this kid is already running out of places to put a central line.
Yesterday was a good day, as Jaxson was already feeling better, he hasn’t had any more fevers, his heart rate came down significantly- it was in the 200s when we were in the ER on Tuesday, it was 80-90 yesterday and back to the normal 60-70 today . His energy has come back also, and he remains pretty happy.

Butterfly outside the hospital yesterday.

Last night I went home and researched anemia and it’s causes. Jaxson has always been slightly anemic, he gets iron twice weekly in his tpn, but has seemed to remain stable for the most part and has only needed blood transfusions every so often- usually after huge amounts of blood loss (like his GI bleeds). So I started to get a little concerned when he needed two blood transfusions within two weeks with no noticeable bleeding. Let me just be clear (and I should already know this….) Google is NOT your friend. So because of some of the results that showed in my google search, as soon as I got to the hospital this morning I talked to the doctor and asked her if they could do some tests to figure out why he’s either losing blood, or not producing an adequate amount of red blood cells. She immediately calmed my fears and said that A) he’s always been a little anemic and B) it’s not uncommon for kids with liver issues & chronic illness to get this anemic because the liver helps with the blood function (his liver is pretty messed up from the TPN). But she’s not going to sweep it under the rug, and she’s going to get in touch with his GI doctor to see if there’s any further testing that needs to be done.

So for now it’s just a waiting game. Waiting for these blood cultures to show negative and then we can go home.
Jaxsons transplant fund-


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