On October 31st (Halloween) I could tell Jaxson wasn’t feeling 100% since he woke up, but he seemed fine most of the day…. still doing all of his normal activities. Shortly after we started trick or treating he got really sleepy so we went home about an hour after starting. I checked his temperature when we got home, and he had a low grade fever (99.7). *I can’t wait until this stupid line is out. I don’t know what’s in our future medically after transplant, but I hope it’s not “start freaking out about any temp over 99” (because a fever could indicate a line infection which means off to the hospital for immediate care and antibiotics.)*

So I monitored it throughout the night. I woke up before him and kept monitoring it, finally when it reached 101, I woke him up and gave him Motrin then started working on a ride to the emergency room. Once we got checked in we were immediately taken to triage & back to a room. There, they covered all their bases. Since he has been having cold symptoms, they took a chest X-ray to rule out an upper respiratory infection, swabbed for mono & strep, did a urine culture to rule out a bladder infection or uti, and finally took a blood culture from his line to see if that’s growing bacteria, which means a line infection. We have to wait up to two days to see if that comes back negative- a positive could appear quicker. Judging on how he has acted with some of his previous line infections, I’d have to assume that’s the culprit. Right after he got his first dose of antibiotics in the ER, he got slightly septic- he got really sleepy, his fever shot up, he had chills & his blood pressure dropped just a little. I immediately got the nurse who gave him Tylenol and started a bolus fluid infusion. Once we got to a room and the Tylenol kicked in he was better- his temp came down to normal and a little energy came back as well. Down in the ER, they also drew regular labs which showed low red & white blood cell count. Both are concerning. When he got transfused a couple weeks ago, he was at a 6- the transfusion brought him up to a 10. Today he was at a 6 again and the fact that he dropped so low within two weeks- with no obvious signs of bleeding, is a little scary. So, the ER doctor also ordered a stool sample and we are awaiting the results. If that shows nothing then I’m not sure what the next step is in finding out why his red blood cell count continues to drop tremendously. He is also getting a blood transfusion tonight.

Since Zack works and I have Paislee, I am unable to stay the night so I came home and will be back up there with him early in the morning. I hate going to sleep without him in bed, it’s so quiet.
***my parents also opened a bank account/online donation for Jaxsons transplant fund. Here is the info again if anyone feels compelled to donate or if you’d just like to share our Info!

If you’re local (in Arizona) you can donate at any Desert Schools Federal Credit Union under the name Jeffrey Dahl Sr- Jaxsons transplant fund.

Or if you like the convenience of online donating you can do so at

https://www.youcaring.com/jaxsondahl-681028 which goes directly into the transplant account at the bank. Thank you again, and I will be sure to update throughout this admission.


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