Since his last discharge in early August, Jaxson has been getting weekly labs and everything has been normal. His last lab draw was September 27th & since everything was still good, she decided to change the frequency to once monthly. His next lab draw was October 12th & on October 13th his GI doctor called me and informed me he was severely anemic and needed to be admitted. I started packing bags & getting transportation set up to the ER (because I currently have no car & this situation didn’t require an ambulance.) So about 2 hours after she called me, we were finally on our way. We got to the ER, they did more labs and admitted us to the PICU. Once he was settled in the PICU, he got a blood transfusion. They will check his labs Saturday to see how his blood count is. They’re kind of confused as to how or why he is so low when just three weeks ago his blood count was normal & we haven’t seen any signs of bleeding. I’m not sure what the plan is there, if they want to do tests or procedures to see if they can find the reason it’s so low.

Everyone is familiar to him here & since he isn’t sick or not feeling well, he’s actually pretty happy and comfortable with all the staff coming in and out of his room. His nurse last night was the same one he had most of his ICU admission in July, and she was happy to see him.

Over the last few days at home his broviac (central line) has been stretching near the end of the line and on the verge of breaking, so I brought that up and surgery came by and fixed it this morning.

We have an outpatient appointment scheduled next week in Pittsburgh- so I’m not sure if we’re going to make that one or if I’m going to have to reschedule.

He’s been doing so well at home and in school, so hopefully this admission isn’t long enough to set him back.


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