Tuesday Jaxson had a GI appointment. He gained 2 pounds in 4 weeks making him 27 pounds!! This is so exciting because as I said before he stayed around 20 pounds for a whole year. He was still NPO (nothing to eat or drink) But she told us it was okay to try an ounce of pedialyte three times a day and if that went well we could do an ounce of formula. He hasn’t been too interested in the pedialyte, I think because I’m not giving it to him in a bottle & I want him to start drinking out of cups. I’m going to keep trying to encourage it in hopes that he will eventually take it. Since our last appointment four weeks ago, his doctor decreased the amount of TPN he gets and he still gained weight, so now she is going to try and give him a break for four hours. This will give us a chance to put ethanol in his broviac to reduce the risk of infections. It also means he will be free for 4 hours, not hooked up to anything!

Another super exciting thing: a few weeks ago we were approached by public relations at the children’s hospital Jaxson goes to and they thought his story was unique enough to be published. So while we were at the appointment, a reporter met with us and interviewed us. She asked questions about Jaxson and all that he has been through. His story is published online and will be in the newspaper in the next couple days! Feel free to read it & share it with family and friends! Click here to read the story




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