Jaxson has been “able” to walk for awhile now, he’d take a few steps here and there but never anything consistent. And because his lines don’t give him the freedom he needs, he has always preferred to crawl because he felt it was safer. For a few months, he wore his backpack full of tpn & pumps, but they added a new med and switched pumps so the bag is much heavier now making it harder for him to carry. Anyway, the past couple of days he’s started to walk a lot more, and now seems to prefer walking over crawling. He even walked from our apartment to the car, and just two days ago he was terrified to walk outside even if he was holding somebody’s hand. His teachers at school also said he was walking around there a lot today. I really need to get him a backpack that rolls so he can be completely independent- because right now he depends on someone to carry his bag, there is no way he can carry the weight of all his meds. This is such a huge milestone & we’ve waited patiently for him to meet it, while working at it every day to get him comfortable.

Up until about 9 months old, he would never bear weight on his feet. He finally started to and that turned into him standing against things. He started to cruise the furniture at about 15 months old and finally at 2 and a half he took his first solo step. We would walk around the house together as he held my hand, never taking more than 5 or 6 steps alone. He had a hard time bending his knees, and had a difficult time with balance when he wasn’t holding on to something. It seems something clicked in his head and overnight he was more comfortable than he’s ever been. I’m so happy he finally found the confidence he needed, because I knew he could do it- he just didn’t trust himself for some reason. I’m so proud of him, I don’t care how long it takes him to meet his milestones. What matters most is that we work at it everyday, and he will do it when he’s ready.

I saw an article awhile back and one of the quotes has stuck with me. “They know what it’s like to realize, finally, that it doesn’t really matter if their children have learning disabilities, motor issues or vision problems, or if they take forever to learn how to walk (or even if they never learn)–because as long as their children live, they’ll figure the rest out.” (If you’re interested in reading that whole article, click here) Although that quote is related to prematurity, I still feel it’s true for all medically fragile children. Jaxson was born premature, but his developmental delays are mostly related to his diagnosis & frequent hospital stays. Remembering that quote has not only helped me cope with his delays, it has also helped me through all of his hospitalizations, I dont care how frequently we visit the ER, or how long he’s admitted, because as long as he lives we’ll figure the rest out.



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