Jaxson has been home for a week and a half and it’s been amazing! For the first time since May (yes, I said may- 3 months ago) he has been acting like himself! It all started with a cold he caught from preschool. Then the low sodium issues that landed him in the hospital every other week for 2 months. And the GI bleed that kept him hospitalized for 20 days. He was very irritable and not happy for awhile. So I’m beyond excited that he is FINALLY back to himself. Laughing, smiling & starting playing around like he use to.

I just dropped Jaxson off for his first day back at preschool. He was anxious waiting for the bus and excited when he finally saw it. He started to cry a little when I put him in the car seat but I know when he gets to school and sees his friends he will be okay. He goes for 2 and a half hours Monday-Thursday. This will be his first official year. He started in March because he turned 3 in April and our home therapies stopped at that time. So they gave me the option to start then or wait until this August. I chose to start then because he needs all the therapy he can get & they failed to mention to me that we could still receive therapy at home- just not through that same program. He loved going for those 2 months, he adapted so well!Here’s to hoping he has a good year, he doesn’t have to miss a lot of days, he makes new friends & learns a lot of new things!

I took him school shopping & let him pick out a folder & a backpack. He chose a ninja turtles folder & a paw patrol backpack big enough to hold his TPN, lipids & all the pumps as well as whatever projects he brings home. šŸ™‚



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