August 3rd: Preferred homecare; our infusion company & who we get home meds through, is refusing to administer the octreotide. They’re uncomfortable doing it because they’ve never done it before & are afraid for what happens if he bleeds again- well in that case I take him straight to the ER like I have in the past!! Soo, our GI Doctor is waiting to hear back from the medical director because he’s certain you cannot refuse treatment. If for some reason they can, he’s working on going through another infusion company and if they’re unwilling to do it too, then he will try to slowly wean him from the medication again, monitor him for a few days and if he doesn’t bleed again then we will get sent home without the octreotide. If he does end up bleeding then I’m sure that’s enough proof for preferred to see that the med is working.

He is currently NPO, meaning nothing by mouth. And has been since we got here. The reason being anything moving through the GI tract could cause him to bleed more. He also pulled his NG tube out the other day and they haven’t replaced it because there’s no need to right now. So his sweet little face gets a break šŸ™‚

August 4th: Preferred finally stepped up & they’re going to accept his case and administer this med! Earlier, the doctor came in and informed me that they still refuse to do it because they don’t have the resources to closely monitor him. So he was talking about transferring us to an outpatient medical facility. I don’t know what was said between the doctors here & preferred homecare within the last two hours that made them change their mind, but I’m glad they finally agreed!! Today marks day 20 in the hospital, and I was not happy with the thought of him spending even more time away from home in an outpatient medical facility- all because our homecare company wouldn’t cooperate. So we will be home either today or tomorrow!


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