There isn’t much to update on Jaxson. The bleeding has stopped for a few days now and he’s been stable. We’re still working on getting the medication at home so he can be discharged (hopefully).


Because of all of his hospitalizations, Jaxson suffers severe developmental delays. Because he has spent so much time in the hospital, it has taken him longer to meet all of his milestones like learning how to crawl, sit up, say his first word, and he is still learning how to walk. He is even still learning how to do basic things. We get therapies at home, and he also goes to developmental preschool. These have helped tremendously, especially the developmental preschool- I saw him progress a ton in just 2 months. He was interacting with kids his age, working on walking unassisted, learning signs, and he was more interested in toys than he’s ever been. But, when he comes to the hospital he kind of takes 2 steps back. I know he’s capable of doing everything he has learned previously, but he gets so stressed out and completely shuts down. The physical therapist here has been coming by- she brought different toys, bubbles and a chair to sit him up in so he’s not always laying in bed. She suggested giving him one thing he wants and one thing we want- For example he wants to watch movies on his tablet & wants to lay down- so he can have his tablet but sit in the chair. This has been working well so far and sometimes I’m even able to get him to interact with his toys for a few minutes at a time, and he loves when I blow bubbles so he can pop them. Slow progress is still progress.




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