image.jpegJaxson had surgery this morning to put the broviac back in. Although it was a quick surgery & he’s done it many times before, it still came with risks & I was worried until I knew he was okay. He’s been out now for a couple hours and just woke up a few minutes ago. He’s in a good mood 🙂 While they were in the OR, they discovered that blood is getting backed up in the liver & that is what is causing the bloody stools. There’s nothing that can surgically be done, so they’re moving him up on the transplant list again in hopes to get it done even sooner. They started him back on the octreotide, which reduces blood flow, in hopes that maybe it will give the blood time to clot. If he goes 24 hours without bleeding they will again go down slowly on the octreotide. This is a medicine used short term & only in the ICU, so it’s not something he can be sent home on. Also because of yesterday’s bleed, he had to have another blood transfusion last night and today he got more plasma to help his clotting. Other than that, it’s just a waiting game. I’d like to say that we will get discharged and get to go home before the transplant but I’m not sure if that’ll happen at this point. All we can hope is that they get this bleeding under control & the organs become available soon so Jaxson can be on the road to better health.



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