Weekends tend to be pretty slow in the hospital, especially when you’re stable. Doctors and nurses don’t come in as frequently because there’s no meds to administer, no procedures to be done and vitals need to be checked every 4 hours instead of 2.. Yesterday there was talk of transferring him out of the icu and up to the general floor, which is the next step in going home. His GI bleed had stopped, his blood count was remaining stable and they stopped the octreotide (the medicine reducing output from his colon & helping stop the bleeding). He was off his TPN for a few days at the beginning of his stay because the GI bleed was causing all of his electrolytes to go crazy & the TPN wasn’t helping at the time. He has since been put back on it, but they put it to 20 hours instead of 24 in hopes that we could start an ethanol lock when we went home. I would put the ethanol in his broviac, let it sit for 4 hours and pull it back out in hopes to prevent future line infections. But, he wasn’t tolerating being off his TPN as his blood sugar would drop tremendously. In the past, he would be okay because he was still getting formula or pedialyte during the time the TPN wasn’t running, so his blood sugar would remain in the normal range. So I’m not sure what their plan is with the ethanol when we go home. Since about Tuesday they had his NG tube open & draining out to help get rid of the blood in his tummy. They closed it yesterday to see how he would tolerate it & he’s done well so far as it is still closed. However, last night he had two big bloody stools šŸ˜¦ so the doctor suggest we open the NG back up to let it drain out. The last diaper I changed was darker and not as red as before, which means it’s old blood, so the bleeding could have stopped already. They’re gonna draw labs to check his blood count as that could signify an active bleed. We’re waiting to hear from the GI Doctor to see if she wants to do anything else. Tomorrow he has surgery to put the broviac back in. Other than that, he’s been acting like himself; smiling, laughing & being silly.


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