Jaxson has been fighting a line infection since his last stay 2 weeks ago. Since the antibiotics did not clear it in 14 days, they figured it was best to remove it, and wait for blood cultures to show negative for infection before they place a new one. He’s currently in surgery getting it removed. It’s a quick procedure, about 20 minutes and he should be back in the room with me soon. Because of the blood los from the GI bleed, he had to have another transfusion before surgery along with plasma because he was having trouble clotting and there was risk for continued bleeding after the procedure. His surgeon just came in and informed me that everything went well, and he is currently in recovery.

Anyone has risk for infection when a central line is placed because anytime the catheter is accessed there’s risk for transferring bacteria, not to mention it’s a foreign object in your body. But Jaxson has double the risk because of his short gut, bad bacteria tends to get in the bloodstream easier and that has been the cause for most of his line infections including the current one. So no matter how careful I am, even when practicing good sterile technique, he is still prone to these infections. šŸ˜¦


This was taken just before they took him back for the procedure. TheĀ anesthesiologist was giving him versed, a sedative, to help him relax while on his way back as he tends to be quite combative. The medication worked in seconds, he was still awake but you could tell he was much more comfortable.

The rest of the day should be pretty calm. He doesn’t have any procedures or tests planned so he will be able to catch up on much needed rest, snuggle with mommy & watch his favorite cartoons.

I want to briefly explain how the transplant wait list works. Jaxson is listed as IB, so they would call IB regionally (kids listed the same status as Jaxson but are near the transplant center) if they are unable to go, they would call IB nationally, which would be Jaxson. However, if he doesn’t have another GI bleed, and doesn’t need a blood transfusion in the next 2 days then he would go back down the list in a week. His status fluctuates based on his stability. As of right now there is no need for us to transfer to the hospital there.



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